28. – 29. july 01

it was a hell lot of fun. there were about 70 participants in 45 teams.
beautiful sunshine all over the weekend.
a REALLY mindboggling saturday vening party on PierWest with the lomo VJ crew & the worldwide first ever lomo award ceremony not on, but in the water…

the official winners of the ZurichLomoRally are:

1. Reto Baumgartner
2. Luka Zupan
3. Tobias Siegfried & Achim Sell
4. Christian Schneider
5. Michael Gross
6. Daniel Grolimund
7. Philippe Wyss
8. Franziska Krauss
9. Gabi Büttner
10. Adriana Nagy

(in total about 70 people participated in 43 teams)

the organizing committee would like to thank all participants for their coming
& the good vibrations you brought with you……

our thanks also go to amira from LomoVienna,
phillipp & his fabulous VJ team, nina & stephan and their crew on the PierWest,
allessandro castagnetti, niklaus stauss, katja habazin, stefan schweizer,
dominik dusek, & the helpful people of the hotel limmat X-TRA.

your ZurichLomoRally 2001 crew: sillae, christina, leolï, noel, riolfinho & dani

//program lomo.01:
SAT 11:00
Start of the A-Z City Challenge @ station21: warm welcome, registration, pick up RallySurvivalKit,free-lend-a-lomo-service.
SAT 17:00
End of the A-Z City Challenge @ station21:hand in your films. Afterwards: LomoPreParty @ station21. Meet all your former competitors and new friends. food and drinks.
SAT 19:30
BigLomoBarbecue @ PierWest. Enjoy a wonderful Openair Barbecue with your fellow lomo-maniacs.

SAT 22:00
MindbogglingLomoParty @ PierWest. dance-the-lomo, mingle with the locals, enjoy a splendid openair party in one of the trendiest locations of zurich, admire the unmatched VJ work of the LomoVienna VJ group. drink and lomo all night long.
SUN 12:00
Meeting Point: Bellevue @ the Mother of all Benches.
SUN 12:30
LakesideSummerJam @ Zurichhorn. Enjoy the Lakeside with your lomofriends, try your first underwater-lomo-experience, hang loose, swim, relax.
SUN 14:30
Winners are being announced @ LakesideSummerJam. Award Ceremony.

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  1. Going out somewhere with friends is just as much lot of fun, as coming to this website. Always has something to laugh at, a lot of things to share with each other, and it’s much easier to make friends here, than anyone would think! I come to this website when I have problems, and always leave it in a good mood. It really helps a lot!

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